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Bed Linens:

The “Bed Linens” project consists of photographs taken of my bed each morning for a year. In order to make each photograph, a camera is set at the foot of my bed after the top covers are pulled away, capturing the unique wrinkles and creases impressed into the sheets and pillows over the course of the night by my sleeping body. Each bed linen photograph initially appears to be quite commonplace and indistinct. However, when viewed en masse, the variation and intricacies of each individual night’s movements become visible. The traces of the absent body can be seen within each set of sheets, connecting to the sleepy memories of another person. The limitation of having the same object in each image, as well as the perspective of the image allows for the sheets to resemble more than just a mere representation of a bed; the folding of the fabric will also evoke the peaks and valleys of a landscape or the slow motion of a breathing body. At the same time, the positioning of elements like the pillows can be read as these inanimate objects interacting in a way, becoming a character of its own.

Bed Linens No. 63, 92, 96, 81, 53, 2016. Digital photographs, 29" x 14". 

(framed $550)

Bed Linens No. 51, 49, 28, 52, 36, 2016. Digital photographs, 29" x 14". 

(framed $550) 

Bed Linens No.63, 92, 96, 81, 53.jpg
Bed Linens 51, 49, 28, 52, 36.jpg

Bed Linens, 2015-2016. Series of 365 digital photographs (selection) 

Bed Linens - Installed at Harcourt House, Edmonton, Alberta, March 10 - April 15, 2016 

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