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Thermal Fax Paper Drawings

The thermal fax paper drawings are made by covering surfaces in heat-sensitive paper and then using my hand to scratch over them to make a frottage. I then use a detail brush to trace over the marks from the rubbing, retranslating collected information on the page. This is a labour intensive process, on average taking about 8 hours for 12 inches of paper. Some of these peices have the edges of the object included (such as Picnic Table). For these, I fold the paper to create the same edging that is on the original table, hanging the work with sewing stick-pins, which allows the paper sheets to sit as a loose box on the wall.

 My Parents' Backdoor,  32” x 80” x 2”, 2016.

Work Table #2, 156" x 30" x 1.5", 2013

Work Table, 120” x 36” x 2”, 2013.

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