Model T Ford Truck:

During a residency through the Red Clay Art Society in Upper Economy, Nova Scotia, I was able to work outdoors with found material on the property. One of the projects from this intensive week was the excavation and reassembly of a Model T Ford Truck. The previous owner had parked the truck in a forested area at the back of the property, where it was abandoned.. On finding the half buried pile of metal, I began digging and clearing the site. After deciphering what the pieces were, the truck was reassembled to the best of my ability. Many parts had completely broken down, including the majority of the wooden box of the truck. The parts were tied together with twine, as well as to surrounding trees for support. The installation was open to the public during the White Rabbit Outdoor Art Festival. In leaving the residency, the work was not taken down, instead being left to naturally collapse.

Model T Ford Truck, outdoor installation, Red Clay, Lower Economy, Nova Scotia, 2012.

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